Bombshelltoe highlights the human side of nuclear policy in order to resonate with people who currently feel disengaged.

By presenting nuclear topics through insightful, beautiful, and creative modes of art and storytelling, Bombshelltoe invites  the public to explore how nuclear issues are connected to society’s most pressing conversations.

Lovely Umayam

Reshaping Our Nuclear Narratives

I am interested in the ways in which nuclear policy and activism can overlap with the act of being creative.  

The word ‘nuclear’ tends to unleash predictable, deeply conditioned visions and reactions – most commonly the image of the mushroom cloud – the universal symbol of catastrophic destruction. I spoke at Poptech to introduce unfamiliar or forgotten images of the nuclear dilemma with a goal of shifting the dialogue from fear to one of inspiration, curiosity, resilience and creation.

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Current Project


A Navajo Nuclear Histories Project

Bombshelltoe is exploring how Navajo storytelling has been passed through generations for empowerment and survival.  These stories help communities overcome the mental and physical trauma of living near uranium mines, many of which are still left abandoned and contaminated. Ways of Knowing seeks to revive these forgotten and silenced narratives, framing “nuclear” as a deeply personal experience that intersects with social justice today.

A collaboration with curator Adriel Luis, filmmaker Kayla Briët, photographer Carmille Garcia, and Navajo community members.

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Think beyond mushroom clouds --  a social media experiment to redefine what “nuclear” means by showcasing art, music, and other ephemera that contextualizes what it means to live in a nuclear world.

Nuclear Reactions

A collection of writings about culture and policy